Basic Training



In our customized training you learn everything you need about the basics to operate a Quadrocopter safely. The execution of a professional job scheduling, pre-flight check, the selection of camera settings or the appropriate flight status are just a few examples. In cooperation with the company U-ROB we teach after an elaborately developed training concept, which equips amateur pilots as well as professional operators of Multicopters with extensive knowledge and a basis for practical flight skills.

The included theory training is based on the theory of manned aircraft and was among others developed by professional pilots.
In this workshops two theory lessons you learn about all important topics concerning air law, meteorology, aerodynamics, the aeronautical system, air traffic and maintenance.
Every participant receives extensive theory records and – optional after the workshop (requiring passing the examination flight) – an in the aviation authorities recognized certificate (for requesting the individual rising permission).
Additionally we offer individual flight training for beginners to learn the basic functions.

u rob 


 Content of the Training Process
  • Theoretical basis for the legal situation, meteorology and flight operations
  • Special features when creating aerial photo and aerial video
  • Basic functions of the "DJI GO" app
  • Flight preparation, maintenance
  • Procedure for applying for a flight permit
  • Practical film and photo flights with your multicopter (phantom)


The Training Process

10:00 AM Start of the Event
10:15 AM Theory Part I ( air right / meteorology )
12:00 AM lunch break
12:30 PM Theory Part II ( aerodynamics / operation )
2:00 PM "DJI GO" app, how to optimize the drone for my application
3:00 PM coffee break
4:00 PM exercise and examination flights ( for participant with the required certificate )
6:00 PM "Open End"



In order to being responsive to the diversity of the drone we recommend that you at least own a DJI Phantom and a smart phone or tablet compatible with DJI GO. Models of other manufacturers such as Yuneec Q500 or the Hexacopter H920 are of course welcome as well. Upon request BORMATEC can make drones available for lend. Please make sure you set up the correct liability insurance for the operation of drones early enough! Participants who wish to take the examination flight for the certificate right after training need to have good flight skills especially concerning the ATTI-mode (without GPS support). During the examination flight diverse scenarios are simulated, i.a. the control of emergency landings (with GPS failure). For participants with less experience we also offer a free make-up date for the examination flight at a later point of time.


Participant 280 EUR net  without cerfificate
Participant 330 EUR net  incl. certificate / test flight
Participent ( Optional ) 75 EUR net

You can book an indivudual flight training (approximately one hour) at 8 AM pn the same day:

  • Trainer-Student-flights with a training drone or your drone or your own drone
  • Trainings fligths in ATTI mode ( without GPS support )
  • There is a maximum of two students per instructor, which leads to quicker learning success