Q: What is the usable area (L x W x H) in the drones?

Ninox: 30cm x 8cm x 5 cm
Maja: 40cm x 5cm x 8cm (Front), 40cm x 8cm x 8cm (Middle)
Explorer: 40cm x 5cm x 8cm (Front), 60cm x 8cm x 8 cm (Middle)

 Q: What delivery times should be expected?

Depending on the flight model, accessories or adjustment between 1-3 weeks.

 Q: If an individual adjustment of the model possible?

Yes it is possible. Adjustments, e.g. Trunk cutouts for a camera.

 Q: How long is the flight time of a drone?

Ninox: ca. 25min.
Maja: ca. 1 Hour.
Explorer: ca. 40min.

 Q: You are missing a component or you need a spare part?

We will deliver a spare part for your purchased flight model within 14 days.
Since we produce these in our own house, a quick spare parts delivery is possible.